Property Owner Information


Property owners gain benefit from participating in the rent assistance program, as partners with PHA and the tenants. They are assured of regular timely payments via the voucher program, and because the tenants are motivated to meet ongoing requirements to remain in the rent assistance program.

Before renting to tenants

  • Provide PHA a copy of a current Certificate of Compliance, and Lead Certificate, along with a copy of the property Deed.
  • Provide an original copy of IRS Form W9 (Oct 2018) which is a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification. This IRS form is required to establish your account with PHA and to report to the IRS any income paid to you.
  • You must interview and screen prospective families. You may select a family based on your own screening criteria, which must meet fair housing requirements.
  • PHA contacts the owner to arrange an initial inspection.  If the unit fails inspection a list of repairs needed will be provided to the landlord.

Before and after the initial inspection

They must also sign a HAP contract at that time. This must happen every time a unit is rented under the program to a tenant family. Then the tenants can take possession of the rental property and the owner may begin to receive the rent payments under the program.